Bowen Designs Original X-Men 5 Pack 

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One toy doesn’t belong! Which one?

One toy doesn’t belong! Which one?

Amazing Spider-Man Annual 5 - The Parents of Peter Parker

Spider-Man travels around the world to discover the truth about his parents with the help of the Fantastic Four only to find that the Red Skull was his parents employer. Thankfully, after Spider-Man lodges a missile into the car of his assassin only for him to have a sudden change of heart to confess of his families double agent status.

Enjoyment Factor: 6/10

Grade: VG- 3.5

Asking: $10

Fantastic Four 34 - A house Divided.

Gideon, the richest man in the world has ran out of things to conquer in the big apple so he decides to globalize his dominance. The world leaders express that he can have it all if Gideon can successfully defeat the Fantastic Four. After spending millions of dollars, Gideon realizes that no wealth in the world is more important than his son so he donates everything away.

Enjoyment Factor: 7/10

Grade: VG 4.0

Asking: $10

Detective Comics 381 - One Drown, One More to Go!

Another deceptive cover by DC as the comic opens up with Batman hurling Robin into the Ocean proclaiming his independence. However, the real reason is later revealed that a morse code has been sent out for the death of Robin. Rather than using his brain to the actual villain, Batman decides to play a pointless ruse to smoke out the mastermind only to have it be so obvious that it was the fisherman all along.

Enjoyment Factor: 4/10

Grade: VF+ 8.5

Asking: $50

Detective Comics 369 - BatGirl Breaks Up the Dynamic Duo

Batman gets very jealous when Robin gets poached away from him by Batgirl. Unknown to him, he is diagnosed with Swamp Fever after tripping like a bumbling fool into a pool of water. BatGirl’s rouse to have Robin team up with her is to ensure that Batman stays away from danger for seven days while the fever takes place….. yeah. CatWoman also has an opinion about the matter.

Enjoyment Factor: 5/10

Grade: FN 6.0

Asking: $50

Gotham is coming this Fall.

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Detective Comics 347 - The Strange Death of Batman

This must be the most silly book with a most deceptive cover. Batman and Robin takes out the most silly of a villain. However, the second half of the book reveals the writer describing a what if scenario of Batman dying. Could Marvel had possibly stolen the idea of What if? from this comics.

Enjoyment Factor: 5/10

Grade: FN- 5.5

Asking: $40

Amazing Spider-Man 298 - 1st Todd Mcfarlane Spidey

The womanizing french assassin Chance gets back stabbed by his employers, and Spider-Man has a new enemy in town that is after him.

Enjoyment Factor: 8/10

Spider-Man Vs Venom - Diamond Select Toys

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