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Superior Spider-Man 27.Now - Goblin Nation Part 1

Things start falling apart as the Green Goblin’s army takes over New York. Octavius does not understand how this situation has gotten so out of hand as everything starts falling apart around him including Jameson who is preparing an army of new Spider-Slayers.

Enjoyment Factor: 8/10

Superior Spider-Man 28 - Goblin Nation Part 3

Norman has outsmarted Otto at every turn, and has destroyed Spider-Island. In the end, Spider-Man loses everything including Anne Marie who is unaware that she is a chess piece in a game between spiders and goblins. Thankfully, Mary Jane is equipped for situations like this and dashed out of the city with all of Peter’s family.

Enjoyment Factor: 8/10

Superior Spider-Man 29 - Goblin Nation Part 3

The death of Don Lameze is a foreshadow to Otto Octavius. Lameze was portrayed as a selfish, and immoral individual. However, he chose to defend Spider-Man from his malfunctioned suit in the last moments of his life, leaving him a hero in his last dying breath.

Enjoyment Factor: 9/10

Superior Spider-Man 30 - Goblin Nation Part 4

After learning how powerful Norman is, Otto Octavius gives up his existence in Peter’s mind through a memory wipe in hopes that he can Save Anna Marie. This issue allows both the readers to relive the life experiences, and origin of both Otto and Peter in an amazing two page spread panel.

Octavius died a hero.

Enjoyment Factor: 10/10

Superior Spider-Man 31 - Goblin Nation Part 5

The great saga of the Superior Spider-Man finally comes to a conclusion. The Goblin invasion is thwarted by the efforts of the Avengers & the Two “Amazing” Spider-Man’s as the story ends with a cover swipe of Amazing Spider-Man 50, and the resignation of J.Jonah Jameson.

This has been one of the best written Spider-Man story arcs in a while without the use of clones. Farewell Otto Octavius.

Enjoyment Factor: 10/10

X-Factor 6 - 1st Full Appearance of Apocalypse

Grade: CGC 9.8

Asking: $350

(via ladypool)

Random Comic of the Day!
Aquaman doesn’t like sushi like the other superheroes do.Source: Apelad

Random Comic of the Day!

Aquaman doesn’t like sushi like the other superheroes do.

Source: Apelad

Amazing Spider-Man 120 - Hulk App

Grade: CGC 9.6

Asking: $350

Random Comic of the Day!Source: Spudcomics

Random Comic of the Day!

Source: Spudcomics