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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles By Playmates

Classic Collection Rocksteady & Bebop

Asking: $55 SOLD

Random Comic of the Day!

Random Comic of the Day!

Bowen Designs Warpath - 1/6th Scale

Asking: $175

Random Comic of the Day!
"Do you wanna build a snowman Bucky?"

Random Comic of the Day!

"Do you wanna build a snowman Bucky?"

Sub-Mariner 1 - Years of Glory, Days of Doom

Imperius Rex! Namor gets his own title with an explosive recap of his origin. Namor recalls the time where The Human Sea Captain & Princess Fen fell in love, and all the tragedies that followed upon his birth.

Enjoyment Factor: 5/10

Grade: VF 8.0

Asking: $80

Random Comic of the Day!

Source: C Section Comics

Fantastic Four 59 - Doomsday

Doctor Doom declares war on the world and proclaims his merciless rule as Doomsday! The Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer are left helpless against their long time foe. The negative zone who has imprisoned the Inhumans is finally freed by their King Black Bolt’s tremendous power.

Enjoyment Factor: 9/10

Grade: FN 6.0

Asking: $20

Dura Dura Heimwajima Shizuo 1/8th Scale PVC

Asking: $125 SOLD

Sideshow Collectibles - Gwen Stacy Comiquette

Asking: $400

The Infinity Gauntlet 2 - From bad to Worse

Back with Death, it seems Starfox was taken by Thanos for a ‘family reunion.’ Starfox tries to use his power to manipulate Thanos but it does not work and Thanos removes his mouth. He tortures them to impress Mistress Death but even this does not work. In anger, Thanos creates an incredible shockwave across the universe.

Enjoyment Factor: 9/10