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The Amazing Spider-Man

The Origin of Captain America

Grade: PGX 8.0

X-Men 94 -  New team begins in mainstream title.

Grade: CGC 6.5

Asking: $200

Giant Size X-Men 1 - 1st Appearance of Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus

Grade: CGC 8.5

Asking: $900

Fantastic Four 52 - 1st Appearance of Black Panther

Grade: CGC 7.5

Asking: $575 SOLD

Stan Lee Pop Vinyl from Fan Expo 2014

Asking: $40

Green Lantern 79 - Ulysses Star is Still Alive!

Green Lantern and Green Arrow takes on a complete different stance on law and order as one dresses up as the symbol of hope to the red skins while the other returns to town to find evidence only to discover a further strain to his moral compass.

Enjoyment: 7/10

Grade: VF+

Asking: $50